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The keys are responsive and tactile; the back is clad in stainless steel; it has it's own rechargeable battery; it is small and thin enough to slip into a small bag and the bluetooth connection is flawless, with no appreciable lag. If you are looking for a small portable bluetooth keyboard for your android phone or tablet, this is the one. Keys have a good feel.

Layout is easy to use - not cramped for normal size fingers. Good weight and finish to construction. Has a solid feel that gives me confidence it will stand up to the demands of a mobile life. A bit early to comment on the claimed battery life but still going fine after a few weeks. It connected to Android in no time at all and has integrated well. My tablet smoothly drops the on screen keyboard when I turn on this Arteck keyboard. Combined with a good tablet - it will replace a laptop for many uses. Note that it is an American key layout, e. Shift 2 and 3 are , respectively.

This is a good product and substitute for my broken 'mac' keyboard and was reasonably priced. Vitalitim 2.

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Purchased as a replacement for an aging wired keyboard, this very low profile keyboard is very comfortable to type on. It has a nice response and doesn't have any obvious signs of lag being wireless. I like the fact that its a full-sized keyboard with space for a keypad on the end. Its very slim and the legs raise it enough to give you a better angle for longer typing sessions. Nice quality.

What keys are different or missing?

Doesn't turn itself off too quickly, but when it does, there is a longer gap between button press and connection than with the apple wireless keyboard or the Jetech keyboard I also bought. I actually found it easier to deal with the delay, as I wouldn't end up with situation where my second keypress registered so my ocuments ll ooked ike his. It'd well built, sturdy and can cope with proper typing.

Mind you, I am a bit tempted to try the ultra slim version too, and keep the one I like best. I paid my.

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Cooper Infinite Executive Keyboard Case for 9, 10, Until this time the typical keyboard with the numeric keypad was titled "Apple Keyboard", now the more-compact keyboard carries the name "Apple Keyboard" and the standard keyboard with numeric keys is titled "Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad". On the slightly older all-white models, the volume keys function as they would on a Macintosh, and the eject key has no function. This software allows for the volume, brightness, eject, and media controls buttons to work properly.

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Apple has since released a driver, though it is only available bundled with Boot Camp. Released as an option specifically for the popular Apple IIe computer in , it helped correct some of the II series' shortcomings. Later the Platinum IIe would incorporate the numeric keypad into its built-in keyboard. It was designed for and came with the Apple Lisa. Like the Apple III before it, it was intended to be a business computer and included an integrated numeric keypad. In addition it carried over the use of the "open" Apple key from the Apple III as a command key though it was represented by the "closed" Apple character and included a pullout reference guide hidden under the keyboard.

Use a Mac as a Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, or Android with Type2Phone

Introduced and included with the original Macintosh in , it debuted with neither arrow keys to control the cursor nor an integrated numeric keypad. The keyboard pinouts are "crossed" so it isn't possible to use a standard telephone cord as a replacement; doing so will result in damage to the keyboard or the computer. Like the Apple IIe before it, the Macintosh provided an optional external keypad which also included arrow keys that daisy chained to the CPU via the telephone-cord connectors.

Introduced and included with the Macintosh Plus in , it was an extended keyboard that had a built-in numeric keypad. In it was updated to Apple's new Platinum gray color. It continued to use the telephone-cord style connector to the system and was interchangeable with the M Though Apple switched all other keyboards to Apple Desktop Bus connectors by this time, this keyboard was manufactured unchanged for four more years until the Plus was discontinued in Designed to be compatible with both the Macintosh and Apple product lines, it was the first to combine both the Macintosh command key and Apple II "open" Apple key legends.

Entirely Platinum gray in color later Macintosh Plus keyboards had a platinum gray case with darker gray keys called "Smoke" , it was also the first to use Snow White design language that was similar to the Apple IIc.

However, it duplicated the extended design established by the Plus. Also known as the Apple Standard Keyboard , it was the first to officially use this name. Apple would later reuse the name for a series of successive keyboards. The heftier design solidified visually the power performance embodied by the upgraded Macs. Aside from weight the main difference was the significantly thicker frame width.

It was the first keyboard to be sold separately from the system, giving the customer a choice of the basic or advanced keyboards offered by Apple. Apple's advanced keyboard, the first to be sold optionally, was essentially a redesigned version of the Apple Keyboard, with an enhanced extended keyboard with FKeys and other PC-style keys. It included template guides above the top row of function keys to accommodate shortcut key references which accommodate many software packages.

It was the heaviest of all the Macintosh keyboards and set the standard for many typists. Introduced and sold with the Macintosh Classic and LC in , this keyboard was almost identical to the original ADB Keyboard, but included flip-down feet to change the typing angle and a design change that gave the frame and keys a more streamlined appearance. Internally, the M differed from the original M, as the M did not use mechanical keyswitches save for the Caps Lock. In , the Macintosh TV , the first Mac introduced in all black, came with an identical black Keyboard II using the same model number.

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How to Use Your Mac as a Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple TV

This keyboard marked the return of Apple including a standard keyboard together with the computer itself. A minor update to the Apple Extended Keyboard to coincide with the release of the Macintosh IIsi in , it added an adjustable height feature. The Apple Adjustable Keyboard , which was sold as an optional upgrade, was Apple's entry into the ergonomic adjustable keyboard market.

It was often criticized for its flimsy construction.

1Keyboard App: Use Your Mac’s Keyboard To Type On Your iPad, iPhone, Other Mac

It came with a separate keypad not sold separately , the first to do so since the original Macintosh keyboard. In the mid's Apple released the Apple Newton sub-mini keyboard to allow a quick input alternative to the Newton's handwriting recognition, which required extensive training to become useful. It connected via the Newton's serial interface. Many Mac users favoring the portable size were able to use it on a Mac utilizing a third-party enabler. Like the iPhone that would come 10 years later, the Newton also included a virtual keyboard. The keyboards are switched between with the buttons just above the U, I, O, and P keys.

Using these switching keys, you can easily go from typing, to carrying out a command on your Mac, to numeric input. The four multi-directional arrow keys, as well as up and down scroll keys are included as well for your convenience, as are the numbers 1 through 4 at the top. This is a feature that Apple has phased out of the mobile computer industry, and only offers on their desktop computers, but now with this app, you can have the comfort of a numeric keypad even on your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro.