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Here is a step-by-step guide for shooting slow motion with an iPhone, no matter what model you currently own. The first step to shooting awesome slo-mo videos with your iPhone is making sure you have the correct settings adjusted. Using your iPhone to shoot unique scenes in slow motion is only the beginning, of course.

Play Slow Motion Video on Mac

Once you have played around with the slow motion feature, you will undoubtedly want to start editing your clips to meet the needs of your video. We have a few tips for changing the speed of your slow motion video so you can use it anywhere. Whether you accidentally recorded your video in slow motion or decided after-the-fact that you would rather have your video in real time, it is easy to adjust by using the Photos app on your iPhone.

If you want to change your normal video to slow motion, you can do it in iMovie. You can speed up or slow down your video with iMovie by following the steps outlined above. When you open your slo-mo video in iMovie, you will see where your clip starts to slow down at the bottom of the timeline.

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  8. If you hold your finger on the portion that you want to change, the speed slider will show you how fast or slow your video is playing. You can, however, speed it up by moving your finger to the right on the speed slider. While you can certainly speed up and slow down your videos in iMovie, there are some limitations.

    Play Slow Motion Video on Mac

    For more control over the speed of your slow motion video, try a third-party app like Slow Fast Motion Video Editor , which is available on the App Store. Start by trimming your video into clips. This is a simple and effective way to make your slo-mo videos slower or faster than what is available in your Camera app. Slow motion videos are great for showing action and telling stories, and they are fun and easy to shoot. You are only limited by your time and creativity. Start experimenting with slow motion videos using your iPhone, and you will be hooked! How To.

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    How to Change Playback Speed in YouTube on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows PC

    How to shoot and edit slow motion videos on iPhone. Tara Schatz.

    Modify a clip’s speed adjustments

    Writer and photographer. Chronic maker of lists. What is slow motion, or Slo-mo, on iPhone camera? Clean up your photos before shooting slo-mo.

    5 Quick Ways to Play Video in Slow Motion

    In iMovie, just import the movie file as you would any other iPhone video. Using this approach, you can shoot a long high-frame-rate sequence using the Slo-Mo mode and then create a video that switches into and out of slow motion as often as you like.

    How to disable QuickTime slow motion feature

    Imagine a diver slowly jumping off the diving board, then moving at full speed until just before hitting the water. Embedded below is a video we shot on the iPhone 5s but edited in iMovie on the Mac. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.