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I have however found what I believe to be two bugs:. In some cases, scroll bars make it impossible to read what is being displayed.

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I can elaborate and possibly present screenshots if it would help you track down and quash these bugs. Thank you for the plugin. However, I only get the.

I do not see a bunch of listings in cover flow mode as you show in your image above. I have not rebooted since adding your plugin, could that be the cause?

OSX Popup still works great! However, when going full screen with the popup, the font size does not scale, so the tiny text is displayed at the same tiny size up in the top-left corner with the entire screen blue-ish purple.


Thanks for this wonderful plugin. I have been using it for a while, and soon my OS X Lion will get it installed aswell. Thanks a million… this is how emulation and filehandling should be done on a Mac or any computer that has GUI. This would help alot.


Maybe some people could give also a try to my plugin and possibly report problems along with test files? Fixed size of Preview Window. I am aware that several alternatives are already available on the Internet e. WinQuickLook and Seer. What are the differences between.


This project references many other open-source projects. See here for the full list. All source codes are licensed under GPL If you want to make any modification on these source codes while keeping new codes not protected by GPL Hello, I recently migrated back to windows from macOS, and I really missed the quicklook capability and your app really does the job, maybe even better..

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My screen flickers as soon as I preview a photo or a video, and when I quit quicklook it disappears. Seems like a DP cable deficit. If no, try to adjust the screen resolution to P and see if it still flickers.

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