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What is macOS Server?

The first is to prevent it from automatically going to sleep. Most Mac users will see the server in their Finder sidebar — simply click on it to connect, and the volume will be mounted. Which Mac Makes the Best Server? Thinking about using a Mac for your server? Find out which Mac model makes the best server based on several important categories.

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Your email address will not be published. This is a very useful article as I am planning to use an old black macbook as a network server. Many thanks. I moved my Mac Pro across the country to essentially be a server for my images but also as a Plex server.

As it's a 1,1, it won't take OSX later than I managed to get an old version of Plex server up and running on it but it won't connect to my LG tv, the only place I watch.


Just find it in the Shared section of the Finder window sidebar, and click Share Screen to start screen sharing. You can point, click, and type in the Screen Sharing window, just as you would on a normal display.

Just like that, your Mac is a powerful server.

On your Apple TV—and any iOS devices you want to use—you also need to install the Plex app to be able to interact with the server. Read this article to learn how to name your files, so Plex can find metadata efficiently, and then copy your movies and TV series to the Mac mini, or to its external hard drive. While it may sound daunting to set up a media server, with a simple Mac mini, Plex, and a couple of hard drives, you can do so quickly and easily.

The Mac mini is a low-power, quiet device, which you could put just about anywhere in your home, as long as it has access to your Wi-Fi network. Editor's note: Updated at p.

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The Mac mini The Mac mini is the cheapest Mac you can buy. You can control a Mac without a display using Screen Sharing.

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Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. With the arrival of the fourth-generation Apple TV, I found myself trying out the Plex media server, and I realized that using Plex is one of the best ways to watch media on the Apple TV.

Heck, you could even set it up on a Raspberry Pi. If you have a large media collection, you may want to use a Mac as a dedicated device to run Plex. The Mac mini is a perfect candidate for this.

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If you do have a lot of videos that need transcoding, a NAS might not be a good fit for Plex.