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Zoom to Fit Command-9 , which fills the window with the document or image, and Actual Size Command-0 , which does just what it says, regardless of whether the file fits in the window or not.

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Zoom to Fit in a large window is usually the best way to read PDFs. It turns your cursor into a magnifying glass inside Preview, providing a loupe to expand a portion of an image or making small text in a PDF easier to read. Turn it off quickly by pressing Esc. Which is best for you depends on personal preferences, the document in question, and your screen size. Or just use Page Up and Page Down whenever you want to navigate by pages. In the dialog that appears, enter the page number, and press Return or click OK. Or perhaps you want to display a collection of images or a PDF-based presentation like those we create for some of our Take Control books for a group.

Preview offers two useful options for that under the View menu: Enter Full Screen and Slideshow. Continuous Scrolling is the odd one here, since it also zooms the document to fit the width of your screen. Within full-screen mode, you can use the same trackpad, mouse, and keyboard navigation controls. For images, you need to open all the images at once, so they appear in the same window — more on that in a moment. uses cookies.

A toolbar displays near the bottom of the screen, with controls to move between slides, play or pause the slideshow, and exit the slideshow. You can use the toolbar buttons or the arrow keys to move between slides manually; pressing Esc exits. Regardless, Preview highlights any found words, search results show in the sidebar, and a search toolbar provides buttons that enable you to sort the results by search rank or page order. In that search toolbar, Preview also provides arrow buttons for cycling through the results and a Done button that leaves search mode you can also click the X button next to the search term.

Frustratingly, Preview searches for multiple words independently by default, which usually provides too many results. To search for a phrase, surround the words with double quotation marks.


The first option for how files should open is often confusing. It will open in the same window as the book!

If you select the third option, when you select multiple images and open them in Preview, they all open in separate windows, which is overwhelming and makes navigation far more difficult. The second setting in the General pane is for the window background, letting you customize the color of the empty space around documents and images. The default is gray, but you can use the color picker to make it any color you wish. You can quickly move to a different page by clicking its thumbnail.

Table of Contents is useful if the document has such a thing—a page or pages with embedded links that, when clicked, take you to related pages.

The Power of Preview: Viewing Images and PDFs

Click a snippet to jump to a page where the related highlight or note appears. Choose Continuous Scroll to scroll smoothly between pages. A page break will appear between each one. For its part, Two Pages shows you two pages side by side. If your document has an odd number of pages, the first page will appear by itself. One of the most common use cases of creating Outlines in a PDF file happens to be in the Legal industry.

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When dealing with a case, lawyers often need to consolidate paperwork and documents from different sources into a single file. Although this is done to make handling the paperwork easier, it results in creating a really long PDF file with all kinds of content and images. Outlines in a PDF file help you to keep such a problem away from your busy life.

As you are preparing a case, PDF Expert for Mac makes it super easy to create a Table of Content ToC for all the important sections on your pdf file, so that you can have handy access to it when you need it the most. PDF Expert outlines are flexible. This means that you can easily rename, change the destination and even rotate them.

Right click on your outline and voila! Sometimes, an interesting part of a book consists of several paragraphs. You can transform every paragraph into sub-items for a particular chapter, i.

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This can help you to keep your sidebar clean and can be achieved with a simple drag-and-drop action. You are welcome to get a free 7 days trial to check PDF Expert out. Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think. Thank you for downloading PDF Expert!

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