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Help us by reporting it. What's New: For photographers: DNG format helps promote archival confidence, since digital imaging software solutions will be able to open raw files more easily in the future. A single raw processing solution enables a more efficient workflow when handling raw files from multiple camera models and manufacturers.

A publicly documented and readily available specification can be easily adopted by camera manufacturers and updated to accommodate technology changes. For hardware and software manufacturers: DNG removes a potential barrier to new camera adoption, since raw files from new models will be immediately supported by Photoshop and other applications. A common format allows greater control over the quality of conversions by third-party applications. The specification allows the addition of private metadata to DNG files, enabling differentiation.

Full list of supported cameras: Adobe DNG Converter At that moment the latest software to that date will definitely support your files, giving you a chance to change the file format. But for now I will just keep an eye on the development of this. I read there still some issues with DNG which is no good for a format that is supposed to standardize everything.

If you are converting raw files to dng is their a need to conver the dng to jpeg? Or does the dng act like a jpeg in that it can be uploaded online, etc. DXO is a wonderful tool and I use in in preference to Lightroom, however I wish it would read DNG files, lets all contact DXO and see if in the near future they are going to add this feature, maybe they are all ready working on it.

They do seem to be a software company that want to give us photographers the tools we need to work with. I personally give there software 10 out of 10, it does a fantastic job in the work I am doing. Keep calm and keep your raw files. Thank you for this article! I thought the DNG must not be as good without it. Thanks for setting me straight!

Converting Raw files to DNG format

First thanks for your time and this amazing blog, it becomes a first-hand resource in many situations. A simple question after reading about album design, How do you do with. Awesome article! I shoot raw and i treat is at a negative, and as long Nikon doesnt use dng in a camera of theres i wont be changing my ways regardles of the benefits of dng format. I honestly dont see dng as more or less future proof than raw, and as long there is only adobe that work with implementing new iteration of dng im sceptical.

I think the best way is to store your raw files and treat dng as way of working with raw files but dont delete the raw files is my advice. Hope this helps! Hi rob, I have just come across a competition with those exact rules in here http: I have contacted them to ask why and am awaiting a response, I have been converting to DNG for years as I love having one file that holds my metadata and keywords.

Never had any issues with this file format until I wanted to enter this competition. This is the case with most of the major competitions, such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year. They want to check that not modifications have been made to the original image other than those the rules permit.

I resently tried Capture One 7 and am getting great results. As a result of this automatic lens corrections and optimized sharpening depending on camera type, only works with the original RAW-file. My conclusion is that I will in the future keep my original RAW-files since they produce much higher quality when used with CO.

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Great article! What program are you using to check bit depth? I read the whole thread. It brings me to this question. What is more important 25 years from now. The way you edited the pictures, or the different ways you did it virtual copies , or the picture content itself. Are you going to re-edit your file in 10 years from now. Means that you should preserve your editing program, database ou xmp, if you want to start from the work you did. Of course, not as good for modification but more likely to be still there in 50 years from now, readable by all, or easy to convert to whathever new file formats or medias that will be there at that time.

Keeping my raw or dng for editing and not worrying much about not being to open them is 25 years. Hello Rob. uses cookies.

Read your review on DNG very interesting indeed! Makes a heck of a lotta scenes, i will be taking your advice and converting my raw to DNG from now on. I do have a question about after converting into DNG. Can I view my photos on windows 7 fax viewer or do I now have to take Steps to down size to tiffs, or jpeg from the DNG files.

Or could you recommend a good program that would work. I know they will accept tiffs and Jpegs. Thanks for the great review! All the best Mike. Interesting discussion. I came across this blog while researching DNG workflow. I shoot Nikon, my old workflow was shoot raw, edit selected images in Capture NX2, save in a folder called processed raw and then save as jpg in a jpg folder for printing. Backup is automatic every 30 minutes to two other drives. All original raw files are kept. Storage is cheap these days.

Problem here as with other programs is will Windows 20, to be released eventually, still run the current editing programs? I do have old programs that will not run on Windows 7. Same with hardware. Will usb sticks still be available in 20 years time? Here is my main concern.

A DNG, converted from one program, is not compatible with all programs. When you can change programs, it opens the base DNG and does not know how to read the added data from the original software. The data is written to the file directly.

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This opens up file corruption issues. I will keep my raw file. I may have to re-edit the side car file, but I still have my original image. We all have discs of older programs I. Lightroom 4 in a draw somewhere. I would rather take a thousand hours of LR 4 to DNG conversion when Nikon or Cannon fold than to explain to my wife that corrupted DNG files have removed the birth of my son from existence.

Adobe Digital Negative Converter

Thanks for this article and all the comments shared here. There appears to be still a lot of arguments surrounding the pros and cons of using DNG. There is still no format that can be as long-lasting and true-universality as I would like to be. To put in philosophical sense: To maintain my work, seems I have to work constantly to keep up and juggle with these file formats. Not going to worry too much about storage: It takes long enough in RAW.

As an advanced amateur I find myself frequently going back to my old images and re-editing them as I learn new skills. Therefore I like the ability to reset the file and edit it new again. I still find it difficult to believe that there are no loss of quality when converting. Thanks for the details about DNG. Last week I got a Canon 7D mark ii. Lightroom 4. They want me to upgrade my software. I was stuck! Someone told me about DNG. DNG from , How long after, I realized it from your post. Thanks Rob Lim.. This whole DNG issue is just a red herring.

I went down this route about 6 years ago, converted my whole catalogue, but for what gain? Well in my experience as a professional photographer there is nothing to gain except for a little bit of disk space, and we all know that hard disk space is super-cheap anyway. BUT in my case I found that there was alot to lose — mainly in the extra time and processor overheads when conversion happens. How would that happen in the real world? I hardly ever even look at an xmp file in my file browser, let alone separate it from the folder where it belongs!

RAW files are the best for this, as highlighted by many of the comments above. This may be different if you are running LR on a slower computer. So all in all, having used the format for some years and subsequently having kept track of developments in the format ever since, I have simply not heard any convincing reason to use the DNG format. Too time-consuming. Great thread! Just tried lightroom for few days and thanks for the discussion.

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  • Thank you for this article. I mean DNG converters will get better over time and Computers will get faster. Thanks for your comment. I have a growing library of photos taken with many different types of cameras. In the future it will be tough to keep track of what raw files are no longer compatible and need to be converted to DNG.

    The other reason to use DNG now is for the integrated file verification. Hello, I understand the advantages of converting to DNG format. We already have TIFF format as well. I would like to understand what would be a better approach? I have Windows 8. I am starting my photography business and shooting friends at the moment, and downloading photos onto cd.

    I have yet to print photos off to see how they look in print. Hi, I still use Lightroom 2 and recently bought the Canon d. However I now end up with 3 files for each picture: I imagine this can be done more efficient? Thank you for the article! Before turning it off, I decided to get my Google on and find out whether it was something I should leave in place or turn off. After reading your article and understanding all the benefits of DNG I have decided to continue converting my images to DNG, although I may have to change my workflow to convert only selects because it really does take quite a while to convert all images!

    The companies with d broadest appeal to d largest User Base are gonna largely win d war eventually. It is factually true for me. To summarise my position is as follows: Then l Cull my images from the imported DNGs. I edit these and save em on my PC, Laptop, Backup drive. I then leave only all d original Images alone on d backup drive, just in case someone likes or asks 4 a particular image that is not on my site or in my online Portfolio.

    Great discussion to have read above as l learned a good bit from it. Hi iam starting with my canon camara but when its to revelate them i cant see them ,i havent been able to see them in the computer why is that happening i see them in my camara i will like to share them with the people and friends how can i do that hope you can help me thanks.

    Hi, I just wonder if we convert the original raw data. JPEG images in a way under the camera model canon, nikon, sony, etc? For example, the. And in fact, we wanna the JPEG images provided by the Sony camera model, and we only want modify the raw files. Maybe we can use the Image Data Converter software, but if we wanna more improvements by Lightroom or other software, we can only convert the raw data into DNG files. The problem is we cannot convert the DNG files back to raw data.

    How to deal with this case? They say the file loses camera info, say, when opening with apps like Capture One. And the image loses the camera-specific riches of detail. Are you still converting to DNG these days? I would love to get an update on this topic from you. Thanks a lot for describe it briefly. I was mistaking by using my original raw format. But now I think i may overcome that fault. Really appreciate that blog of yours. Its really helped new photographer like me.

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