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Additionally, backups of 40GB of data were performed to check real-life throughput against the benchmark. We streamed p—and where possible, p—video files to multiple client devices, including two second-generation iPads, the test PC, two Android phones, and a Windows Phone. Each of the boxes reviewed here proved capable of delivering data fast enough to stream bit color, p 4K UHD video at 60 frames per second. A box that can do that, can easily stream p and p video to multiple devices. Adequately fast backup and synchronization was another baseline that each of the boxes met, though some were considerably faster than others.

Regardless, only initial backups or synchronization tend to be time consuming, so subsequent partial backups will be relatively quick even on the slower boxes. Each of them should handle backups for four or five PCs and all the mobile devices you can throw at them. Nearly all NAS boxes are based on some form of Linux and most offer a plug-in, or app architecture to add less common features.

Backup You can always map your NAS box as local drive and back up to it the way you would a USB drive, but most NAS boxes have features that are considerably more powerful and automated. Dual ethernet ports A NAS box that supports port aggregation i. Gigabit ethernet will support more and it will ensure smooth streaming of 4K UHD p video, not to mention faster backups.

But every component on your network must be gigabit capable—the NAS box, the router, the computers, and any switches in the data path—must also support gigabit ethernet, too.

Unfettered File Access From Anywhere

Be sure to use CAT5e or higher ethernet cable, too. Alternatively, you can attach a USB drive to keep the box backed up. How important this feature is depends on how important the data you store on the drive is.

The best NAS drives to buy

But USB 3. Video transcoding Many NAS boxes employ CPUs that offer hardware-assisted video transcoding; that is, altering the dimensions and bit rates of the original video before streaming it. We're big fans of this box's all-metal construction and world-class performance. We also like its user interface, although it could be easier to use, and we wish it could be administered fully using its front-panel controls, but this is a great product overall. A Windowed browser interface, and a multitude of apps including video surveillance and Web serving spice up the deal.

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Populated Diskless 3. OneDealOutlet Canada Deal Targets Best Buy Business Compute4Less Corp More so, the TSBe-2G J can also double up as a contemporary multimedia service with a dual channel. As such, the device offers a smooth media viewing experience on almost any type of device.

Map a Network Drive in OS X (Mac) Permanently

To protect your data from damage, the QNAP keeps a snapshot of the storage at a specific point in time. As such, the users can roll back their data in the likelihood of a malicious attack.

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Users can also realize optimal performance with the unique PCIe slot. The unique slot moves the most frequently used data to the high-performance SSDs on a specific schedule. Taking things to the next level, the QNAP is compatible with various types of devices.

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  • Furthermore, several productivity tools are available on the hard drive to enhance efficiency for creative professionals. Similar to all the high end NAS resources, this unit has unique file management and storage protocol. Through this approach, the NAS ensure that all your data is safe from issues such as malicious hacking.

    Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

    You can also leverage the benefits of hardware transcoding to store your content on the fly. The drive helps to keep your data safe with advanced computer security resources. These include AES bit encryption, access control, and protocol access control. Being a productive professional relates to the quality of your work regimen. Besides that, the inbuilt CPU floating point makes it a simple process large amounts of data. As such, you can instantly transfer photos and video content conveniently. For video editors, the drive supports 4k media playback and online transcoding.

    The drive also does well to snapshot and record the system status. If you accidentally delete or modify the files, you can quickly and conveniently restore them to the computer. More so, the rich variety of multimedia applications makes it simple to stream high definition entertainment content. It allows you to stream to devices such as web browsers on computers, tablets, smartphones and more. Designed to provide ultra-quiet and energy efficient operation, the Cloud NAS is ideal for your video editing needs.

    It also works well with most types of devices and requires no additional software to operate. Equipped with Windows, Mac, and Linux cross-platform sharing, the hard drive is ideal for centralized data storage. For improved file management, the NAS is equipped with several unique software. This way, you can access the NAS and manage files conveniently.